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International Tactical Tournament 2011

Hi, as agreed we present the rules for the 2011 Tournament Tactical CoD.
First I want to make some preliminary remarks.
The tournament is obviously an event that provides a single winner and therefore we are confident that each clan will work and will field a healthy competitive spirit to the finish line.
But what we would highlight is the pleasure to spend some nice moments between people who share the same passion and above all, want to have fun.
If the tournament will be played in this spirit, we are sure will be a success.
There is another equally important aspect that the tournament offers us.
Team NOCS is an old clan that, like other clans which also participate in the tournament, was part of runnig No Game, a group of clans who played with some specified basic rules, the first of all was just “NO RUN”.
They have been just the rules of Norg to make an interface between the various clans in the various friendly and official challenges, knowing from the outset what the rules were, the settings of servers, perck and weapons that were used.
For some years now we have witnessed, to our great joy, the birth of several new clans that led to many other servers good tactical level.
The problem, if I may say, is that often the settings and basic rules of tactical server were “custom” creating a less uniform landscape of tactical circuit, hence the misunderstanding at clan wars.
Our hope is that, thanks to this event, the various clans may have a common guideline for the understanding of a tactical server, and so simplify the relationships between the various clans.
Returning to the main object of this statement, you will notice that the regulation is very detailed and stiff, this is because, by virtue of previous experience, an event which sees share a number of clans, needs rules for extent practicable, provides for every situation that can be create.
So if a first reading can be “hard”, let consider that it is designed to prevent, and possibly to resolve any problem or dispute, in order to safeguard the seriousness and commitment of all participating clans.

Please note that you have 30 days from receipt there , to send us any suggestions or amendments to the regulation specifying well the chapter number and paragraph in question. We will evaluate each proposal and give prompt response. If the change request is isolated, it will be difficult to find a sequel, although the staff will evaluate it carefully. Conversely, if the same request is submitted by more than half of the clan, it is normal that the change will be made to it.
Please, use if possible, plain English, without abbreviations or dialect, to avoid misunderstandings and facilitate the translation for those who are not native English speakers or who simply do not know.
Momentarily, as the site of the tournament is still under construction, you can post your requests for changes here:
We will copy everything on the site of the tournament once it becomes operational.

This entry was posted on Sunday, January 2nd, 2011 in News


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