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Battlefield 4: Naval Strike Porta la Battaglia in Mare


With a few days late, the new DLC for Battlefield 4 lands premiered on Xbox One. The DLC is already available for premium users shooter from DICE and was released in conjunction with a generic patch, intended for all players.Naval Strike was scheduled for March 25, but DICE has preferred to postpone the release by a few days (just as it would be for the PC version, which will come out in early April) to make certain filings with the balance of the game and the ‘cleansing’ overall suitability.Naval Strike is the third expansion DLC for Battlefield 4 and offers four new maps, as well as the new mode Assault Carrier, which refers to the Titan mode seen in Battlefield 2142. They will also be introduced to a new vehicle (hovercraft), five new weapons, two new gadgets and ten new assignments.

Four new maps:
- Lost Isles: destroy a passenger plane crashed and capture the fishing villages among these tropical islands.
- Breakwater: you drop a submarine on your enemies, as you infiltrate a naval base or snaps between docks and rocky islands on this huge map.
- Nansha Attack: Fight between the stormy seas in the wider stretch of ocean ever seen on a map of Battlefield
- Mortar Operation: raiding an abandoned resort on the side of a cliff, or lose yourself in the breathtaking views of this map.

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