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To become part of [NOCS] you have to fill in the form of signing, read and sign the policies below.

Here are the main guidelines to which every [NOCS] will follow.

How to apply for recruitment.
The information you are asking are mandatory.
And ‘advisable to do a copy / paste the module to the post of enlistments.

Enrollment Form

* Name
* Name
* Date of birth
* State of residence
* Nationality
* Type of connection (ADSL, 56K, ISDN, etc. …)
* Nick in game
* Role favorite
* Cod in possession
* Possession games
* Contact E-mail (valid)
* Contact TeamSpeak (
* Skype Contact (
- Contact XFIRE (optional) (

* Why do you want to join the team [N.O.C.S.]?
* How did you hear about the team [NOCS]?
* If you were accepted what you would expect from the team [NOCS]?

If you want you can indicate previous experience in multiplayer and if you belong or have belonged in the past few clans.

Incomplete applications will be classified with the words “INCOMPLETE DATA” and will not be esame.Se will not be completed within 7 days will be removed from our forums.

Staff [N.O.C.S.]

* Required fields.

1) Use Tags Properly
The blockquote tag [NOCS] must be worn correctly.
This means that the letters [NOCS] must be capitalized, placed at the beginning of the name, should NOT be any space left between the last bracket and nicks.
Only the first letter of your nick must be capitalized.
Members may NOT be part of other teams that are active on Call of Duty.
If someone had discovered a member of another team, he will be dismissed with immediate results.
Guests and members who have applied for enrollment, please do not use our tags without permission from staff.

2) Remember that when you take the tag represented the team, we trust in you!

Are you a trial [NOCS], and then begins a trial period for you that will serve mainly to the General Staff to evaluate your person and your behavior in this community.
Since, however, carry the tag [NOCS], you must understand that you have purchased with it some responsibility. Here are some key points that you must pay particular attention.

- Within our server, you must first:
· Give guests a good example and respect the rules of the server to the letter.
° not ever argue with a guest. Limited only to simple alerts such as: You’re crouching, etc. etc. Do not rush, and if it should continue to break the rules follow the procedure with a kick.
° if there is more at stake will let him, if necessary, to respond to the player that makes the questions.
° if in doubt, ask before you act to your supervisor.

- In our TS
· Remembers who you are dealing with many different people, adults, with different sensitivities and different personalities, so err on the events that might offend someone and respectful of other people’s thoughts.
· Avoid shouting, whistling or singing.
° if you leave your PC, remember to change or move the microphone in the room “afk”.
° Arm yourself, if you do not have it, a headset with microphone adequate.

- The site and its forum:
· Remembers visiting it daily, or almost.
° even here you’re dealing with so many different people and then adjusted accordingly.
° before open a new post to check if the section is the right one, there are private areas that only read NOCS and public areas visible to visitors.
° before open a new post, check that the topic has not already been dealt with in another post.
· Avoid spamming or respond inappropriately to the post, especially in the post if you require specific advice.
° no load too big or images will be removed without notice, stay under 600×480 pixels
° interact with the forum, and an active presence in the life of the team.
° not ever write in capital letters, because syntax cries.

- Within the other clans server:
· Six just a guest
· Remembers who can carry the tag [NOCS] and any dispute arises with the server admin can put the team in a bad light [NOCS].
° before playing make sure the rules in use, said they are not like ours.
° not up to you to enforce the rules, the maximum you can make suggestions or draw the attention of an admin.
° not do NEVER advertise our server or the propaganda of our team.
· Make what you are told by the admin.
· Write / always speaks in a polite and not offensive.
° if it were to rise to a dispute within the server.Parlane seeking fulfillment with your supervisor and if you go on site to clarify the other teams.
° not blame anyone ever use cheats.

3) no cheating!

Played properly, or does not play with us!
Guests or members do not tolerate cheating. We believe in the practice of good sportsmanship.
Expected of each member [NOCS] a certain level of integrity and respectability so guilty for not having obeyed this rule penalties include: permanent ban from the site and server [NOCS], deprivation of rank and current tags, access various , formal expulsion from [NOCS] with a formal statement of what happened all the players.

4) Training (PCW and Cw) and Clan Wars

-The official trainings are held on Monday at 21.30 and during the course of these will be taken attendance.
-Members must be punctual, to the extent possible, the training and clan wars.
-Who will not, without justification, to training for 4 times a month will not be summoned for the next clan wars also will examine a possible lowering of his rank, up to expulsion from the team.
-Who will not, without justification, two clan wars will be suspended from team activities until the next assessment of the reliability, after which, in the absence of positive findings, triggered the expulsion from the team.
In clan wars, and in training, tactics and must follow the instructions given by his superior to be responsible, follow the instructions assigned to the end, these changes during the game must be made to your supervisor prior permission. But if your job is to do as Sniper and hold a certain position that must be followed through. Change your role involves mutiny!
Anyone estranierà will be considered a deserter from the battle, against which certain decisions are taken.

5) Forum

The forum is very important for the life of the clan, we discuss tactics, impressions, recommendations, decisions.
Therefore, each State is required to read it often enough so that you can keep abreast of the topics covered.

6) Teamspeak
The teamspeak will be the instrument by which we communicate officially for training and clan wars.

7) Career within [NOCS]
The possibilities for advancement within the [NOCS] is certainly a highly stimulating novelties bringing every soldier to give their best. The career began at the time of application for entry into the team and the favorable opinion of the highest commands.

8) Rules of the server [N.O.C.S.]
See Section RULES / RULES.

9) Games
The team is active on COD2,COD4,COD5,COD7,COD8,BF4,Arma3 Therefore, is recommended to have all the editions.

10) Waiting times
Applications for enrollment will be taken immediately under consideration (under consideration).
Waiting times for results are the following:
The players who are diligently our gameservers and especially our TS3 receive a response within 7 days.
The players who attend from time to time our gameservers and our TS3, will receive a response within 30 days.
Requests will be accepted will result in a trial (trial) that will allow us to learn more about the players but especially people who are behind each nickname.
The TRIAL period ranges from a minimum of 2 months to a maximum of 6 months.
If the staff deems a player to the appropriate team, the same will become a full member of the same, otherwise the request will NOT ACCEPTED.

For those who do not respect these rules to the 3 rd call will be considered an exclusion from the Team.

Do you understand all the regulations? If so write it in the application for enrollment

PS: To get into the [NOCS] as mere recruits, there is no required tests, but the presence in the server [NOCS], in our TS3, in order to assess the candidate recruits in the skills and teamplay. Recruits must have a 1 / 2 degrees in order to cope in different situations.
If you already have ideas of what we would like very skillful in which you know to be able to see your best abilities and to be able to judge better if you write this for the benefit of specialization in the application for enrollment! And not ‘Compulsory DO!!




The discussion of the promotion can be kept by the following:

1) Advancement within Grade 3 steps for seniority, one shot every 4 months of membership of the team.
2) Successful completion of testing “practices” announced in advance by the staff. *
3) The role of leading the organization and coordination of the team during different games.
4) Effective organizational skills as reflected propose / produce / promote events and or strategies.

And ‘possible to ask for the promotion when you are in possession of one of these requirements.
The request must be sent to the staff, that it will consider the suitability case.

It ‘possible that the promotion STAFF screens independently
informado the candidate or during the discussion or decision,
at its discretion.

The staff reserves the sole right to examine the degradation of a team member,
reserving the right to make known the news or during the discussion or decision,
at its discretion.

It notification that the maximum level reached by a member of NOCS is 51 ° (general corps II)
To remedy futile discussions about the allocation of promotions and to confirm that the staff is super-partes, staff members are exempt from the system of promotions.

* The practice tests will be announced Thursday by the previous’ training. Copyright © by All Right Reserved.

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