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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the trailer for the new chapter coming up in November


Busy day for fans of the saga of Call Of Duty. Before Activision has announced that Sunday, May 4th would come the trailer for the new chapter , then the leak of the same by Destructoid has prompted the company to anticipate everything and officially release the trailer for the presentation of Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare , the first chapter of the series to be developed entirely by Sledgehammer Games .
The rumors and the rumors of the last few weeks have been silenced : no return to the past , but a futuristic setting very interesting , with soldiers in all technologically advanced means of transport in line with the imaginary futuristic film .
At the center of the title , of which little is known , there will be a military organization led by a mysterious character played by Kevin Spacey, whose objective is focused on the government of the United States of America.
New details will be released soon, the official announcement from Activision is expected to arrive this Sunday with the first details about the plot and about what’s new .
We already know , tells us the trailer, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be available from November 4, 2014 on next-generation consoles , One Xbox and PlayStation 4, but almost certainly also the users of the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will be able to get their hands on the same date .

ArmA III – Available DLC “Zeus”


Bohemia Interactive today announced the availability of a new free DLC for ArmA III, the realistic military shooter, entitled “Zeus”.
The add-on pack allows players to play the role of Game Master and build and operate, therefore, the multiplayer experience for other players. As a Game Master, the player can then observe the battlefield from above and see the course of the fighting, speaking on the map in real time, creating and manipulating events and game elements, positioning objectives, units, changing weather conditions and much more.
With the DLC is therefore possible to become “Zeus” and manipulate the multiplayer experience, or launch into battle as a standard player. There are 3 multiplayer mode included in the package, which also includes a dynamic particular editor for those who play the role of Zeus.

Battlefield 4: Naval Strike Porta la Battaglia in Mare


With a few days late, the new DLC for Battlefield 4 lands premiered on Xbox One. The DLC is already available for premium users shooter from DICE and was released in conjunction with a generic patch, intended for all players.Naval Strike was scheduled for March 25, but DICE has preferred to postpone the release by a few days (just as it would be for the PC version, which will come out in early April) to make certain filings with the balance of the game and the ‘cleansing’ overall suitability.Naval Strike is the third expansion DLC for Battlefield 4 and offers four new maps, as well as the new mode Assault Carrier, which refers to the Titan mode seen in Battlefield 2142. They will also be introduced to a new vehicle (hovercraft), five new weapons, two new gadgets and ten new assignments.

Four new maps:
- Lost Isles: destroy a passenger plane crashed and capture the fishing villages among these tropical islands.
- Breakwater: you drop a submarine on your enemies, as you infiltrate a naval base or snaps between docks and rocky islands on this huge map.
- Nansha Attack: Fight between the stormy seas in the wider stretch of ocean ever seen on a map of Battlefield
- Mortar Operation: raiding an abandoned resort on the side of a cliff, or lose yourself in the breathtaking views of this map.

Call of Duty:Ghosts


The PC version of Call of Duty Ghosts will be characterized by a level of graphical detail greater than what you will have on the next generation consoles . He said the game’s executive producer , Mark Rubin , saying that this year’s version of Cod will be optimized for the PC platform.
As they know the players, the previous versions of Cod were developed taking as a reference the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and were then directly converted to the PC , with the addition of graphics as a secondary filter for better anti-aliasing and resolution for large images. This year things will not go well , according to the promises of Rubin .

” The PC version will contain exclusive asset ,” said the latter to Kotaku . ” Graphically will be higher than any previous Call of Duty for PC” .

“Moreover, as regards the texture , the PC version will be superior even to the versions One Xbox and PS4 ” . A statement no small feat given the attention that manufacturers of video games and consoles are putting on new projects from Microsoft and Sony .

During the presentation of the multiplayer of Call of Duty Ghosts took place last Wednesday , Infinity Ward has confirmed the presence of female soldiers , a new mechanism for customizing the team, destructible environments , unmanned drones , new weapons and much more.

Infinity Ward has also talked about new game modes , including Cranked . In this mode the killings make the players faster , but at the same time trigger a countdown that needs to be slowed down with further killings. If the countdown reaches zero, there is a risk that players explode.

There will also be a new mode Search and Rescue , built along the lines of the old Search and Destroy . Now, though , players can revive fallen comrades on the battlefield . Players who die drop a dogtag : if it is collected by a companion, then riotterrano can go back into the game , but if the dogtag ends up in the hands of an opponent for them will be the final death .

In Ghosts , players can not only customize the loadout of the soldiers, but also entire teams , which are thus made ​​up of soldiers with a precise number of XP, with specific equipment and with a certain level Prestige .

Squad vs. Squad allow you to play along with a team of soldiers managed by artificial intelligence , and challenge a team managed entirely by the AI ​​. In Wargame along with five friends to play against a team managed by the AI ​​. Safeguard however, is the co-op mode , where you have to deal with waves of enemies of increasing difficulty. Assault Squad is another co-op mode in which, you are, you deal with a team AI. These methods , although they are not competitive , will also get XP, enabling even inexperienced players to progress in the structure of breakouts.

Compared to Modern Warfare 3 , there will be no more Death Streaks , but there will be 20 new Killstreak . Among the changes, the ability to control the Juggernaut or drones capable of launching grenades. There will also be 30 new weapons compared to the previous shooter , Infinity Ward , with a completely new class , which will embody Marksman Rifles .

The profiles can be shared between different consoles belonging to the same family. There will also be an official app , which will see the statistics and organize games , even among Clan.

Call of Duty:Ghosts server dedicati


In an interview with NowGamer, Mark Rubin of Infinity Ward has confirmed that the PC version of Call of Duty: Ghosts will have dedicated servers for multiplayer. “We talked about dedicated servers on Xbox One, but I can say that we will do the same on PCs. Currently do not have details on how this system will work on a PC, though, because we are still in development and we work these features,” said. The team, however, has not yet spoken of dedicated servers on the PlayStation 4.

Call of Duty:Ghosts


News today for Call of Duty: Ghosts. This time it is the start of pre-sales on the Steam platform, where the shooter can be purchased from today (here’s the link) for 60 € and then be downloaded on 5 November.
To encourage advance purchase Activision has introduced a small incentive in the form of a new livery camo to add to the weapons of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The new “weapon camo” appears in a short trailer fresh publication, shown in action in the old Call of Duty.
The pre-order arrives accompanied by a statement announcing the game’s features, and have been heard in the course of the launch of the Xbox One. First of all the next-gen engine (though as we could read yesterday is not exactly brand new), the narrative aspects of a new universe centered on the figure of an anti-hero and, finally, a new multiplayer game dynamics, with the possibility of triggering earthquakes, floods and “other events caused by the player that fundamentally alters the flow and strategy of each fight”

Call of Duty:Ghosts


The “new” engine of Call of Duty: Ghosts will not be developed from scratch, but a modified version of the existing one in Infinity Ward.
Call of Duty: Ghosts and his arrival on next-generation consoles, had hitherto spoken of a new graphics engine. In fact, this engine will be “new” only in some of its parts, as it will be an evolution of the previous one, thus exploiting the basis of work already done by the team Infinity Ward.
According to Volker, the idea of ​​creating a new engine from scratch, considering the complexity achieved by the current one, Infinity Ward would require the hiring of an “army of 200 engineers,” for whom the word applies equally new reality in the amount of work turning on the engine already exists.
The marketing of Call of Duty: Ghosts is scheduled for November 5, 2013 on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, then passed also on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One when the two next-gen consoles will be available on the market.

Call of Duty:Ghosts


After practically announced to the world Call of Duty: Ghosts in the way that we previously reported, Activision has finally sent the statement with which the new installment in the series of first-person shooter has been made ​​official, while also providing a few more details.
Developed by Infinity Ward, Call of Duty: Ghosts come on the market November 5, 2013 (confirming also in this case the rumors leaked earlier), on PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox and the now traditional “platforms for next generation,” strictly inverted commas.
Along the same lines also Mark Rubin, executive producer at Infinity Ward, according to which “Modern Warfare 4 would have been the prudent thing to do,” preferring, however, the risk in the construction of a “new sub-brand, a new engine and many new ideas and experiences to offer our players.



The guys at EA DICE opens an important window media last DLC planned for Battlefield 3, not surprisingly called “End Game”, through the teaser trailer for a movie game that, hopefully, will be published in the coming days.

Similarly to Back to Karkand, Close Quarters, Kill Armored and Aftermath, End Game will also expand the size of introducing a multiplayer poker unusual settings and new game elements. The concept around which will cover all the experience of End Game is the “speed”: Maps, in fact, an extension will be higher in order to allow users to clash on board (or riding) with three new vehicles, including including agile motocross bikes.

Battlefield 3 Aftermath

a href=””>bf3g

Set in a Tehran after the earthquake, in the midst of the devastation of neighborhoods, streets and villages, Battlefield 3 ™: Aftermath shows how the battle for supremacy and survival continue even after the destruction.

With an operational capacity severely compromised, the opposing factions fighting citizens must adapt to vertically and horizontally, between dust and rubble, where cracks and chasms in the ground unexpected offer coverage areas and new ways to conquer the objectives. Further support comes in the form of civilian vehicles and for transporting troops heavily modified, so as to displace forces lethal in the position of the enemy.

EA: Battlefield3 and MoH have a different audience


“We are very careful that Battlefield3 and Medal of Honor remain very different from each other,” are the words of Frank Gibeau, head of EA Label, a Game Informer. “If not, it would generate a certain inefficiency of alternating the two titles. Stancherebbero The players playing every year, a result of something seen the year before.”

Medal of Honor Warfighter

“With Medal of Honor want a product that has to do with reality, with a multiplayer different from that of Battlefield. We are trying to use a sequencing strategy that keeps both games as much as possible fresh and different,” says Gibeau .

Although Medal of Honor Warfighter, out Oct. 26, which Battlefield 3 is built on the same graphics engine, Frostbite 2, EA adopts a more realistic approach with the first in single player, with a story that revolves around special operations. Like its prequel in 2010, also Warfighter will have a history more full of meaning.

In recent days, Electronic Arts has revealed Battlefield 4, as the Limited Edition of Medal of Honor Warfighter will include access to the beta test of its Battlefield 4.

Meanwhile hear that David Goldfarb has left DICE. Goldfarb DICE leaves after five years of collaboration and after directing Battlefield 3 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and have written the history of both. He had already worked in the Netherlands for Guerrilla Games on Killzone 2. Has not announced what will be his next work experience.

MOH Warfighter System Requirements


Minimum PC Requirements

OS Windows Vista SP1
CPU 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo / 2.7GHz Athlon X2
DVD DVD-ROM drive required for DVD installation only
Hard Drive At least 20GB of free space
Video NVidia 8800 GTS 512MB VRAM or better / ATI Radeon 3870 512MB VRAM
DirectX DirectX 10.1
Network 1Mbps DSL or faster Internet connection

Recommended PC System

OS Windows 7 SP1
CPU 3GHz Intel Core 2 Quad / 3 GHz AMD Phenom II X4
DVD DVD-ROM drive required for DVD installation only
Hard Drive At least 20GB of free space
Video NVidia GTX 560 1024 MB VRAM or better / ATI Radeon 6950 1024MB VRAM
DirectX DirectX 11
Network 1Mbps DSL or faster Internet connection

MOH Warfighter


The story was written with the cooperation of the military part of the special units
Danger Close tip on ‘”authenticity” of the experience, rather than purely appearance simulation
Preacher, Voodoo, Mother and many others make their return to the scene, visiting new locations, including Isabela City in the Philippines
More choice by the player during missions, specifically opportunity to decide the way in which to burst within a building, opting for the abatement of the door, the use of C4, the use of flashbang and more.
SAS (United Kingdom), SASR (Australia), KSK (Germany) and Grom (Poland) playable factions in multiplayer competitive

BOII PC Online Security, Matchmaking and Server Intel


What anti-cheat will be used?
Anti-cheat is a top priority for Call of Duty®: Black Ops II. We have developed our own proprietary server-side anti-cheat technology which will work alongside VAC to deliver the most advanced detection and banning capabilities of any Call of Duty game to date. We have also improved our player reporting system to make it the most effective way that you can help us catch cheaters. And starting on launch day we will have a full-time dedicated pc anti-cheat team focused solely on detecting and banning cheaters. We have a zero tolerance policy on cheating. Cheaters bans are permanent.

Will Black Ops have Matchmaking or Dedicated Servers?

Both! Call of Duty®: Black Ops II PC combines matchmaking with secure ranked dedicated servers. This means that you get into Public Matches or League Play via matchmaking lobbies. It is easy to party up and play with your friends. You can adjust your classes or scorestreaks between matches. It also means that every Public or League match is hosted on a dedicated server running in one of our high bandwidth datacenters around the globe.

Will you release the server files?

No. We are keeping the server files secure to protect the game from hacking and cheating and ensure the ranking and progression system integrity.

Can I rent a server?
No. We are providing a huge number of servers around the world at no extra charge – plenty for everyone to enjoy. And we will administer the servers.

Will there be mod tools?
No. As we continually improve and advance our in-house tools for our own content teams we are unable to provide consumer tools due to increased technical requirements, licensing restrictions, and technology dependencies.

Black Ops 2-leaked perk and kill streak?


Dualshockers were leaked from the site of the alleged “kill streak” and perks (abilities) that will be in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.
Clearly they are unofficial information that must be taken with the tongs. There is shown the full list after the break. What do you think?
The release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is expected to be November 13 on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It is thought that a Wii U will arrive at the same time or a few weeks away.

UAV – Standard COD killstreak
Care Package – Standard COD kill streak
RC-XD – Same that was in Black Ops 1. Remotely control an RC car with explosives on it.
Microwave Turret – Place this on the on the ground to trap enemies in a wave of microwave energy. If the enemy is in it for too long, they die.
Death Machine – Same killstream from Black Ops 1.
Hellstorm Missile – Same to the Predator missle in MW3, except it can deploy a cluster bomb before impact if the player wishes.
Multiple grenade launcher – A rapid fire grenade launcher.
QR Drone – Control a quadrotor, flying through the map, shooting enemies.
AI Tank – Similar to the assault drone in MW3
Sentry Gun – Your typical COD sentry gun. Can remotely control it.
Orbital VSAT – Similar to the Advanced UAV in MW3, but cannot be shot down, and has the enemies painted on minimap. Their position and directional information is shown in real time.
Single Seeker Drone – Launch a single seeker drone that flies into the air and seeks out the nearest enemy and kills them.
EMP – Same as in MW3
Helicopter gunner – Control a helicopter gunner. Includes feature to move across map when player wishes to change position.
Lodestar – A plane that flies over the map. Player can control it shooting rockets down at the enemies.
Helicopter escort – Have a helicopter that follows you from above, shooting enemy players.
Attack Dogs – Same kill streak from Black Ops 1
Drone Swarm – The top killstreak. Call in a swam of drones overhead that will seek out and kill enemies.

Ghost – No information
Fast Hands – Swap weapons faster and throw grenades faster.
Dexterity – Climb obstacles faster
Lightweight – Either run faster, or run longer
Flak Jacket – Same as in Black Ops 1.
Tactical mask – Resistant against flash bangs, concussion grenades, spikes, EMP grenades
Cold blooded – no information

BO2 Dedicated Servers


The PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will support ranked dedicated servers, developer Treyarch has confirmed.
The news was announced over the weekend via the Twitter feed of Cesar Stastny, the studio’s director of technology.
That keeps it in line with both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3.Infinity Ward reinstated dedicated servers for the third entry in its series after ditching them in MW2, while Battlefield 3 developer DICE went as far as to offer console gamers a dedicated option alongside their PC brethren.The original Black Ops supported dedicated servers through at a cost of $14.99 a month. It’s not clear exactly how things will work this time around.Treyarch’s near-future shooter is due out this November – take a look at the new E3 trailer below for more on what to expect.

Black OPS 2


Activision confirms this: in November comes Call of Duty: Black Ops II and DirectX11.
Will Call of Duty: Black Ops II shooter sequel developed by Treyarch in 2010 and will arrive on our PC November 13, 2012.
The plot is set in the year 2025, in a world where war has been fought with drones and robots, and will be filled with new (and old) tech gadgets like quadrirotore, one of the novelties of this edition.
The Head of Treyarch, Mark Lamia, said it had decided to use the same graphics engine BO, instead of creating a totally new as requested by fans, because the current still has much to offer and does not require natural time to break that would have a game buggy and unreliable. Moreover, the further development of the motor current to bring full support (finally) to the advantage of DirectX11 graphics quality.



The [N.O.C.S.]team is pleased to invite all the guests to the CoD day, spending some days with various Call of Duty2, Call of Duty4 Modern Warfare, Call of Duty5 World at War, Call of Duty7 Black Ops, for a dip in the past of this wonderful series. DO NOT MISS!!! Click Here!!

Call of Duty


Rumor: Infinity Ward working on Call of Duty Next Generation (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)
“Infinity Ward has opened a position working for an expert in animation with interest on the next-generation technologies.”

A job offer from Infinity Ward appeared on the site confirms the rumors that they want the team of Call of Duty intention to develop the next generation of consoles, according to rumors, which should arrive between late 2012 and early 2013. The new position involves a working animation expert who has “an interest in working on next-generation technologies,” but at the moment there are no other details.

According to other rumors, but Treyarch is working on a new chapter of Call of Duty for the next generation. The annual consolidated for Call of Duty, moreover, impossible to decipher if the two studios are working on different projects or the same Call of Duty.

In recent days, Activision has announced its plans for future downloadable content for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, which will be distributed by the end of January until next September, divided on a monthly basis. They will work together on these questions Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software. More details here.

Finally, there will be a new Call of Duty in 2012. Activision has not yet confirmed the name, but a recording domain it can be assumed that Black Ops 2, and then given back to Treyarch. The announcement could come in May.



Activision has released a video for the first DLC for Modern Warfare 3, where the development team presented two maps of the package.
The new locations will bring the players to fight in Italy and New York, in the heart of Central Park. The video shows the juicy details of both levels.

The movie also add an image gallery, after the jump, which shows some of the most picturesque of the new maps. The first DLC will arrive on January 24th for Xbox Live Gold Elite members, and the following days for PC and PS3 Elite.

Click here!



Activision has announced its plans for future downloadable content for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, which will be distributed by the end of January until next September, divided on a monthly basis.

The first material to be published will consist of two new multiplayer maps, titled and Liberation Square. The two scenarios can be played in Survival mode.

All content will be available through the service first Call of Duty: Elite, only for paying users, while the release for the rest of the audience will take place only at a later time. Activision has not provided details about future releases, but confirmed that among the new features will be introduced more multiplayer maps, new missions Special-Ops, unpublished game modes and much more.

Publication is expected in a first time for members of Call of Duty: Elite on Xbox Live, but then all users will gain access via the so-called “Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection” that will be available several times, from March. For the moment the offer is only planned for Xbox Live, but have not yet been disclosed neither the price nor the timing for the landing on other platforms.

Currently, the studies involved in the creation of add-on Modern Warfare 3 are a total of three or Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software.

Happy New Year


Also this year he’s gone, and 2012 has already arrived.
We wish to welcome the new year with all your dreams and the beautiful things that brought you up to date,
and open your heart to all those who will and who will make you serene and happy.
PYAHPEWNARYE, due to the wishes of the economic crisis we have taken at IKEA, I mounted them to you when you have time.
Happy 2012 to all!.

Merry Christmas 2011


In proximity the Christmas holidays, we take this opportunity to wish to spend a Merry Christmas 2011, and at the same time we want to say,thanks all those who have enjoyed our style of play,
filled our servers, consulted the pages of our website. In recent years, many visitors who were there have testified their affection and we are proud of this.
We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas!

Server [NOCS] MW3


The team [NOCS] also in this occasion of the new Call of Duty MW3, has made available for our loyal guests 2 game server. Thank you for your loyalty and wish you good game.

Tournament winners 3°NOCS


We want to send the team Foxtrot, our warmest congratulations for winning the 3 rd tournament NOCS. A tournament that we have seen, active players, but also respectful and committed for you to reach the goal finale.Approfittiamo, to thank all those who participated, hoping that this tournament, like its predecessors, a few problems, especially to new , the true spirit that characterizes this team.

3°Tournament NOCS


We are ready!
During the 3 nd edition of the tournament NOCS internal, staff,
welcomes all members who will participate.
Our tournament, wants to be an ‘opportunity to train, play games, but mainly aims to aggregate,
to mix more and more this great team.
The event will start on October 03, 2011 and ends November 21, 2011.
We wish all participants good fun, and as they say in these cases … that the best man win.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

The action picks up where it left off in Modern Warfare 2. At the beginning of the next chapter we see a surprise attack by the Russian Federation on American soil. The players, as is traditional in the Call of Duty series, following the events from different points of view: as an agent of the Russian Federation, by operational SAS officer from the fire in a tank and an AC-130
Location of the single player campaign: Dharmasala, India, New York; plane carrying the President of the Russian Federation; village in Sierra Leone, London, Mogadishu, Somalia; Hamburg, Germany, Paris, Prague and a castle in the mountains of the Czech Republic; Berlin; Kremlin in Moscow, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Washington. D.C.
Single player campaign unfolds over 15 missions
We find some of the characters from previous episodes as Vladimir Makarov and Captains John “Soap” MacTavish and John Price. At the beginning of the game you take the role of Yuri, a rebel who works for the Russian informant known by the codename Nikolai. With support for Soap and Price, Yuri and Nikolai intend to obtain information on the men of Makarov in India. Later he plays an agent of the Russian Federation with the aim of defending the president and his wife attempts to rise to power Makarov. The SAS operation to disrupt rather a chemical attack in London, while the U.S. military as it fights in Germany and France. Modern Warfare 3 tells of the desperate attempt to stop Makarov through the points of view of characters who work together to achieve the goal
Competitive multiplayer maps with 20
Spec Ops with two game types: Survival Mission. While the latter is similar to what we saw in Modern Warfare 2, which must reach a goal by collaborating with the other player; Survival is similar to the Horde mode, where players have to deal with waves of progressively more aggressive
Larger maps and more destruction of game scenarios

Black Ops Annihilation


Pending the arrival of the third episode of Modern Warfare, Call of Duty series has broadened its range with Annihilation, DLC for CoD Black Ops containing four multiplayer maps and a new zombie mode.
As always there are four new multiplayer environments for the base of Black Ops. After the addition of First Strike and Escalation, adds Annihilation maps Hangar 18, Drive-In, Shiloh and Hazard. All maps that take advantage of new environments, however, based on some of the most successful Call of Duty.

Hangar 18 is a map developed by Treyarch media personnel on his hypothesis of Area 51. Inside you will find several easter eggs related to various conspiracy theories and extraterrestrials. The peculiarity of the map lies in its centrality, it is sufficient to control inputs of the Hangar to dominate every point of the setting and consequently bring home the victory of their team and personnel. Among these is perhaps the most balanced map data that does not favor either close combat or sniping extreme.

Drive-In is a small map that takes its cue from the handful Nuketown, one of the most successful multiplayer maps of Black Ops. Unlike Nuketown But the map has a wide open area and central areas covered at the ends where the struggle must be silent submachine medium distance combat with the knife between his teeth. As Nuketown winning players will be armored and armed to the best for medium and short distances.

It then goes on to Shiloh, a medium large map set in a setup reminiscent of Russian nuclear missiles to the players a lot of Modern Warfare 2 Quarry map. Silo is a map that is spread over various heights, which allows snipers and strategists always find the highest point where you place to dominate the battlefield. The winner will therefore be quick and smart players will use secondary roads less common and more than covered open areas where it becomes easy prey.

The last map is finally a true remake, Hazard fact is the revised version in terms of Cliffside Black Ops, one of the most popular maps for Call of Duty: World at War. Mutated in a large golf course overlooking the sea, Hazard is the best training ground for snipers and fun. The map is spread vertically only because of the large green on the sides leaving the center, a place where the challenge is not fully open will survive, but to understand where the shot that will kill us.

The [N.O.C.S.] on Facebook


The January 2007, friends give birth to [N.O.C.S.], the first server in Italy in the tactical game of Call of Duty.
Since then the Team [N.O.C.S.] has made ​​known to the tactical environment as one of the best teams, with people, putting behind the Volga to have fun and get together, it is also distinguished for their professionalism, fairness and commitment.
To date, [N.O.C.S.] Team has over 50 members, eight self-managed servers and 2 web sites. We can say with great pride that has become a reference point for many people, in Italy and not, like to enjoy themselves in a polite and respectful.
And that is why we also formalize our facebook page. Clik here!
A big thank you needs to be done to all our guests and visitors who were able to appreciate hard work and every day they repay us with their presence is in that game sites.

Black Ops Escalation


Activision has announced that the additional package Escalation Pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops for PC will, next June 2.
Just like the first DLC First Strike, Escalation packs will provide five new maps, four of the competitive multiplayer mode and one for zombies, which are also added new characters. Again the price will be € 12.59 if purchased in preorder or € 15 if purchased after the release.
The maps will be Hotel (a luxurious resort with Cuban casino), Convoy (small ambush of a U.S. military convoy), Zoo (zoo abandoned Soviet) Stockpile (Russian country town that hides secret bases WMD) and the map to the Call Escalation zombie mode

Black Ops First Strike


First Strike, contains 5 incredibly diverse maps spanning the globe; featuring 4 new multiplayer maps and a new Zombie experience.
“Berlin Wall” features combat on both sides of the imposing wall; “Discovery” is a desolate, frozen German outpost in Antarctica; in “Kowloon”, battle in the rain along the rooftops of a towering Chinese sprawl; “Stadium” is an intense locale with a pro hockey arena backdrop; and in “Ascension”, fight zombies in a Soviet launch facility.



Finally came out the new COD 7 Black Ops.Il NOCS team is always ready for this new game, has made available to all guests 4 server.
2 unranked and 2 ranked.
Well oiled your arms, see you on the battlefield.
Above shows our IP addresses.

International Tactical Tournament 2011

Hi, as agreed we present the rules for the 2011 Tournament Tactical CoD.
First I want to make some preliminary remarks.
The tournament is obviously an event that provides a single winner and therefore we are confident that each clan will work and will field a healthy competitive spirit to the finish line.
But what we would highlight is the pleasure to spend some nice moments between people who share the same passion and above all, want to have fun.
If the tournament will be played in this spirit, we are sure will be a success.
There is another equally important aspect that the tournament offers us.
Team NOCS is an old clan that, like other clans which also participate in the tournament, was part of runnig No Game, a group of clans who played with some specified basic rules, the first of all was just “NO RUN”.
They have been just the rules of Norg to make an interface between the various clans in the various friendly and official challenges, knowing from the outset what the rules were, the settings of servers, perck and weapons that were used.
For some years now we have witnessed, to our great joy, the birth of several new clans that led to many other servers good tactical level.
The problem, if I may say, is that often the settings and basic rules of tactical server were “custom” creating a less uniform landscape of tactical circuit, hence the misunderstanding at clan wars.
Our hope is that, thanks to this event, the various clans may have a common guideline for the understanding of a tactical server, and so simplify the relationships between the various clans.
Returning to the main object of this statement, you will notice that the regulation is very detailed and stiff, this is because, by virtue of previous experience, an event which sees share a number of clans, needs rules for extent practicable, provides for every situation that can be create.
So if a first reading can be “hard”, let consider that it is designed to prevent, and possibly to resolve any problem or dispute, in order to safeguard the seriousness and commitment of all participating clans.

Please note that you have 30 days from receipt there , to send us any suggestions or amendments to the regulation specifying well the chapter number and paragraph in question. We will evaluate each proposal and give prompt response. If the change request is isolated, it will be difficult to find a sequel, although the staff will evaluate it carefully. Conversely, if the same request is submitted by more than half of the clan, it is normal that the change will be made to it.
Please, use if possible, plain English, without abbreviations or dialect, to avoid misunderstandings and facilitate the translation for those who are not native English speakers or who simply do not know.
Momentarily, as the site of the tournament is still under construction, you can post your requests for changes here:
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Happy New Year 2011


Approaching the grand finale, after the Christmas party, after the turkey,sweets,nougats,we wish, to children, the elderly, those who know us, in short to all, a new year of dreams, desires,love and imagination and joy.
May God grant us to enjoy peace and harmony.
Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas 2010

With the arrival of the Christmas holidays, all team members NOCS wish you a happy Christmas 2010 to all our visitors and hope that you can spend peaceful Christmas in the company of loved ones. Glædelig Jul! Joyeux Noel! Merry Christmas!

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Controllers Look Awesome


Mad Catz has introduced its new line on the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and PC controller designed solely and exclusively for Call of Duty: Black Ops.
This tool will be released in late 2010, and rumors seem to have good reviews.

The new cover for Call of Duty: Black Ops


Introducing the newest cover of Call of Duty: Black Ops, released by the duo Activision / Treyarch. After years of World War II and phantom fight against global terrorism, the series touches on some of the most controversial events of the last century, namely the war – fought or not – held in the immediate second half of the 900.

Following several videos from the adrenaline going, you expect something really over the top by a company, Treyarch, which has returned to provide more credit after a much more exciting World At War Call of Duty 3. Even the change of scenery will hopefully contribute to the yield of this combination with the series, which could last well over due. This virtue of unpleasant events that have affected the upper reaches of Infinity Ward time ago.

In any case, it matters little. The estimates of some analysts already give Black Ops winner in reservations, but loser in sales in the long term than Modern Warfare 2. Maybe, but what we most concern is the real value of a title that will be inevitably a stage of transition from what the series was to what will be. The appointment is therefore postponed until Nov. 9, the day that Call of Duty: Black Ops will be released on PC, PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360.



From the various stills seems absolutely confirmed ambience Vietnam / Cold War: there are indeed Viet Cong, the Russian missile bases and a UH-1A Huey (used for the first time in 1962, just in Vietnam), and arctic environments.

In all probability, the soldier you see in the opening will be one of the actors or at least a main character in the game, because it is the only to appear several times during the trailer. As feasible, the player can also control helicopters and other vehicles.

The new FPS weblog Treyarch / Activision is scheduled for release November 9, 2010.

Battlefield Bad Company 2


inform you that on June 21, 2010 server [NOCS] Battlefield will be closed.
We wanted to try this new gaming experience, but in these three months, we realized that this title is not suited to our style, but most importantly it is unworkable in respect of the players, not correct.
Thanks to all the players who have visited our server, and have shared this experience with us.

Staff [N.O.C.S.]

Vietnam Mod

vietnam mod
We would like to inform you the openning of new [N.O.C.S.]Server :
[N.O.C.S.]Team Vietnam Mod
IP :

This is really a great mod.

Feel free to join us and fight in vietnam maps.

The mod is really big (more than 100Mo + maps) – take your time to DL and enjoy it.

Staff [N.O.C.S.]

2°Tournament NOCS

torneo nocs A

We are ready!
On the occasion of the 2nd edition of the tournament Internal NOCS, the staff, welcomes all members who will participate.
Our tournament, wants to be an ‘opportunity to train and play, but mainly is designed to aggregate, to mix more and more this magnificent team.
The event will begin on 11 January 2010 and ending May 18, 2010.
We wish all participants good fun, and as we say in these cases … have fun!!

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