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“Tactical Server”

Since CoD2 came out, we NOCS, like many other not Italian clan, we have always adopted in all our servers playing style commonly called “Tactical, crouch mode”.
In summary consists of playing in a squatting position (or prone) except when you are under enemy fire, only then you can walk or run for a stretch, however, very limited and likely to escape the fire.
There are other features, not least, you expect from a tactic as the server not being able to jump from the first floors of buildings or shoot and jump together, or even use weapons, or accessories that are deemed not appropriate for this style of game such as all the rocket launcher used against the players (it is allowed only on the means, where applicable), the rocket-propelled grenades or shoots flames.
There will also restrictions on the perck, they also considered inappropriate to the style of tactical game. Second Chance For example, increased energy, increased speed, etc etc.
These are just some examples, each game has its weapons, its perck and its characteristics, so there will be rules and restrictions for each individual title of CoD.
The base still remains the same: to travel only by crouching, no runs, no jumps from excessive heights.
Why we chose to play that way?
The answer is simple: we wanted to make a game-style “arcade”, perhaps designed more for consoles than for PCs, more realistic and reflective.
In this way the teams, even if it is made by people who do not know, can interaggire each other by implementing even simple strategies.
Playing the game slows down to crouch a bit, giving the possibility of the player to think more, to better assess the scope of battagliae and take the right precautions.
A bit like all special forces are in operation: all’impazata not run, do not jump like rabbits, do not turn corners by jumping and shooting, do not dive from close-up as if nothing had happened. Instead they realized, quiet, accurate, and above all move as a team.
That’s why we have adopted this mode to get the right balance between play and reality.


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