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[Regulation and Rules N.O.C.S.] only for Call of Duty

These tactics are the rules followed by Team [NOCS], to be observed at all times and all the players.

Art 1. RUN / WALK

On servers [NOCS] is required to move ALWAYS crouched (crouch only).
It is not allowed to run or walk upright on our servers. Running is allowed only when certain game situations:

(*) To evade enemy fire
(*) To avoid a grenade at the enemy

We must always remember that the run is a defensive action (we run to find cover), not an offensive action (run and shoot).


It is absolutely not allowed to jump from heights such as to cause damage, equal to the first floor or above.
It is absolutely not allowed to jump to avoid enemy fire.
The jump is only permitted subject to certain game situations:

(*) To overcome an obstacle on the ground
(*) To climb when an obstacle limits the visual


The friendly fire is enabled on our servers, so if you accidentally shoot a teammate, it’s a good idea to apologize for writing in the game chat. A dead player will not be able to hear the excuses that will not fit up to minutes in the game, so I requested an apology written on the chat. In case of no excuse for killing a teammate or the deliberate killing of teammates will lead to warnings, to kick or ban.


On servers [NOCS] is essential to respect the spawn (return game) opponent.
It is not allowed to stop (spawncamping) and / or shoot (spawnkill) in the opposing team’s respawn.

However, depending on how you play, there are some circumstances where shooting is permitted on spawn:

(*) DOMAIN – fire at the same time permits the spawn.
(*) CAPTURE THE FLAG-fire at the same time permits the spawn.
(*) And Team Deathmatch ALL OTHER MODALITA’-fire at the spawn is NOT PERMITTED forever.


It is NEVER allowed to place an explosive device (claymore, explosive charge, etc.) directly on a target. It is sporty and will not be tolerated.


On servers [NOCS] is NEVER allowed to use Cheat. Team [NOCS] reserves the right to monitor, without notice, other players, providing for their removal from our servers when they felt that they make use of cheat.Se you’re not sure what you use is or is not a cheat, ask first to use a State [NOCS]. Anyone who doubts or deems that, within the server [NOCS], a player makes use of cheats is required to communicate in a private manner directly to a member [NOCS], or by writing it on the forum of our site.
It is NEVER allowed in a public blame players.


We Team [NOCS] never try to recruit new players or members of other teams on the servers. Team members [NOCS] found to do this on another server will be immediately removed from stesso.I visitors who will try to recruit on our servers will be banned immediately. Each clan members want to invite [NOCS] in your server is required to do so through posts in our forums and not in-game. The [NOCS] will please the same to your clan.
It ’strictly forbidden to use the voice chat / text for any form of advertising


Before we get into our servers keep in mind that we will not tolerate any behavior that does not meet our regole.Se you will act as a “child” will be treated as such and if this is the case you will be immediately removed from the servers. If you continue to show poor sportsmanship you will be banned depending on the severity of the event.


On servers [NOCS] is required by all players in the use of a language as possible civil and polite, avoid arrogant behavior or arrogance.
The [NOCS] will do their best to be a clean team in language, respectful and ordinato.E ’strictly forbidden to use bad language, profanity and other forms of foul language, both in voice chat, in that text, as well as the names and tags used in the player and the team to play on server [NOCS].
It is also forbidden to talk about political issues or use phrases praising parties or ideals of any kind. Behavior will not be tolerated also racial, xenophobic or discriminatory in general.
Insults and / or provocation will not be tollerati.Ricordate that the series of Call of Duty is played by players of all ages but especially with different sensitivities and different personalities.
The offenders will be kicked or even banned. In cases in which a member [NOCS] was caught doing these things punitive sanctions against it could include expulsion from the team.


Team [NOCS] reserves the right to indicate which perks weapons and what may or may not be used on our servers. The use of any prohibited items will be promptly reported to the player concerned, who should ensure the change of class.
We expect all guests and members a respectful behavior within our team members server.I [NOCS] have the right to call the players to respect the rules. If you are asked to do something by a member [NOCS], please do so! Compliance is immediate necessaria.I players who are affected by sanctions regarding compliance with the rules of this Regulation, may ask for explanations about posting on the forum of the Team [NOCS] Click here! or visit our Teamspeak.
Any issue not specifically provided for in this Regulation will from time to time considered by the General Staff on the merits of which will be expressed in a definitive way.

Art 11. ENJOY

Members [NOCS] never stop to thank all the players who indiscriminately whenever they choose our servers, and wish them GOOD GAME AND HAVE FUN.


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