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N.O.C.S.Team / Changelog Patch 2.2
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#1 2016-03-02 00:20:57

Dr. HaZaRd
da: Forano (RI)
Registrato: 2016-02-12
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Changelog Patch 2.2

Riassumendo ecco i cambiamenti maggiori:

- Aggiunto il bottone REPORT per segnalare giocatori sospetti.
- Aggiunta la kill-cam anche nei match ranked per smascherare eventuali cheaters.
- Per le partite custom, aggiunta l'opzione per abilitare l'overtime (per esempio se si imposta che vince il team a +2 di scarto, la partita continua all'infinito finchè questo non si verifica).
- Alterate alcune zone di spawn per evitare le spawkills (immagini in fondo al post)
- Calibrato il matchmaking per le partite ranked, ora dovrebbero risultare più bilanciate in termini di Skill-Rank dei partecipanti.

Questi invece i numerosi bugfix che incollo direttamente:

Gameplay Fixes
Operators are in T-Pose and do not display any texture. – FIXED
Hit registration: the player sometimes doesn’t receive damage when shot at while in rappel and using a drone. – FIXED
Hit registration: Players sometime take no damage when shot in one of their feet. – FIXED
Hit registration: Defenders have a difficult time damaging a hostage carrier while he or she is in rappel. – FIXED
Weapons sometime appear through walls. – FIXED
The drone sometimes flies out of bounds when thrown. – FIXED
Sometimes drone falls off the maps. – FIXED
Gadgets placed on the ground cannot be put on top of barricade debris. – FIXED
The ADS animation sometimes gets corrupted when shield-wielding Operators aim. – FIXED
Thermite: sometimes, a reinforced trap door will not be destroyed by an Exothermic Charge. – FIXED
Buck: Pressing the gadget key while holding secondary weapon does not go out of Skeleton key mode. – FIXED
Glaz: pressing the gadget key while carrying secondary weapon does not switch scope ON and OFF. – FIXED
Sledge: hammer can be seen floating in the air during end of round camera. – FIXED

Level Design Fixes
Yacht - exploit: players are able to vault near the roof of the front end of the Yacht, inside the ceiling. – FIXED
Yacht: the Secure Area objective area doesn't cover the entire room of the cockpit, preventing the objective to be captured/defended when standing in a specific position. – FIXED
Yacht: Defenders cannot place barbed wire on any interior stairs of the map. – FIXED
Yacht: drones have no collision with a block of ice at East Glacier. – FIXED
Yacht: some red blocking walls not displayed during the Preparation Phase. – FIXED
Oregon - exploit: Attackers can shoot Defenders through a small gap (near Junkyard Spawn Point, EXT Dining Hall). – FIXED
Oregon: drones have difficulty navigating through the two ventilation shafts near the abandoned school bus. – FIXED
Chalet: an invisible collision will prevent characters from shooting at enemies hiding behind it on the 2F near the railing. - FIXED
House: players can fall through the map when rappelling near the River Docks area. – FIXED
House: pillows have no collision with the players’ gadgets. – FIXED
Russian Café: the bottom layer of the destructible wall from the Pillar Dining Room cannot be vaulted after destroying the wall. – FIXED
Sometimes, there are lighting issues on maps. – FIXED

Spectator Mode Fixes
The score is not replicated correctly for the spectator during character selection screen. – FIXED
When spectating, the spectator remains with a white screen if the spectated target is killed while being flashed. – FIXED
Spectator sees player's drone from the wrong perspective. – FIXED
Indication of drone elevation in relation to player does not work correctly when in Spectator Mode – FIXED
Tactical view focuses on where the Operator dies and does not allow the camera to move freely until the spectator switches to another player’s perspective. – FIXED
Graphic corruptions can be seen when switching between players in first person view. – FIXED
Players' full usernames no longer displayed under their logo when focused on in Spectator Mode – FIXED
Controller does not vibrate after exiting from spectate mode and playing in any mode. – FIXED
PC: The spectator cannot open the Options menu using the F10 key. – FIXED

Miscellaneous Fixes
The countdown (15/10/5 seconds remaining) announcer voice over still happens after the defuser has been planted when the bomb is planted late in the round. – FIXED
PS4: PS4 players met feature from the friends tab in the play station dynamic menu has no functionality. – FIXED

Nuovi Spawn Point:

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#2 2016-03-02 05:48:57

Sergente Maggiore - Responsabile Compagnia CHARLIE
da: ROMA
Registrato: 2011-08-25
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Re: Changelog Patch 2.2

grazie hazard....bel lavoro
♥»-(¯`v´¯)-»♥...... Vi perdono tutti figli miei che vi credete padroni del mondo,ma che non siete padroni di un ciufolo a pelle!!!...♥»-(¯`v´¯)-»♥...

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#3 2016-03-02 07:44:31

Registrato: 2011-01-30
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Re: Changelog Patch 2.2


Se sono stati variati o protetti i punti di spawn significa che i player sfruttavano i secondi dedicati a "rinforzare" per avere una posizione di vantaggio e fare SK.
Beh... veramente poco sportivo...

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